maya in miou | ottawa photographer

In early Spring, I spent an entire day envisioning what I wanted to experience for myself and my business. I knew in my heart I wanted to grow and shine my light a lot brighter than I was choosing to. And then the answer came to me. My journey to document the road less traveled continues with shooting these images for Miou; a beautiful fair trade childrens clothing brand.

Everything has a resonance and the moment I opened the package Christine sent me, I felt so much love. The only thing softer than baby Alpaca wool is my baby's skin. Miou is a Canadian company, the clothes are designed by a woman and made by mothers and grandmothers in Peru. To be a part of this, well, it just makes my heart smile. This Fall, I'll be doing a series to demonstrate how Miou can be perfectly combined with numerous styles of clothing. Really, there is no end to how much our family loves these clothes and how happy it makes us to see Maya in Miou.

I hope you enjoyed these images. And I hope you'll seek out and support brands like Miou. Spread the love, people of Earth :).

A few notes:
 I first heard of Miou on Documenting Delight. Be sure to take a look at Georgia's shoot for them. Her images are stunning!
Miou's facebook page is always updated with news, gift ideas and special offers.
The look and styling of this shoot was inspired by the intro video on Babiekins Magazine
Maya's pretty white dress was a gift from her Nana Ypie (found at a flea market) and will be passed down to my granddaughter someday. 
And last but not least, Clean Clothes Campaign is a fantastic site for those of you wanting to help and learn more about empowering garment workers in Asia.