ƎVO⅃ution: double slit experiment

If you could but indulge me on this one, the nerd in me will be ever so grateful. It's a long video but take a moment to just soak it in. It could be profound or it could mean nothing to you or it could stick with you and dawn on you when your consciousness is ready.
My spirituality is rooted in science, letting my imagination run wild, believing that everything in every sci-fi movie ever made really truly did & can happen and meditation. And this experiment just blows my mind. Knowing that this is what's happening at a quantum level and the kind of power observation holds. Perceiving life from an ego-centric perspective creates finite options and a finite reality. This illusion of scarcity and competing for stuff paradigm we live in is painfully boring and uninspired. We are so infinitely better than this. All we need to do is be infinite, not finite little ego's with names and identities. So we practice away and there is so much more peace and an experience of abundance in our lives.

Always be evolving.