Things have been a tiny bit off. I have been consumed with work and keeping up with work because I absolutely can not handle any delays in my schedule. Frankie has been going through a great deal of introspection and taking a good look at his life and where it's heading. Which means, this little bird hasn't been getting as much attention as she's used to. Thankfully our child is secure in her world and has handled all this beautifully. But this morning I found myself actively tuning her out and getting annoyed with her over silly little things. Because you know, how dare she interrupt my never ending stream of thoughts with so simple a request as wanting to play. So I ditched my plans to tidy up the house and decided to head into the woods and clear my head of all the static. 
I love this city. I love that there is a great big forest not 15 minutes from our home. And I love that being in the woods can almost immediately calm my mind and help me reconnect with the Source. But most of all, I love her heart. I love her kindness. I love her spirit. I love her; so very very much.