30 days of Miou: day 10

Maya playing in the trunk of our car (her idea) after our long walk in the woods this morning. 

I realise this isn't the greatest shot of her wardrobe but this was the only shot I got of her today. It was a very warm day but this outfit was perfect for our morning walk in the woods where it was significantly cooler under the thick canopy. And we are finally ready to wash her cardi after it being worn at least 30 times over the course of this summer & fall. When I read that Miou knit wear had "antibacterial properties and would stay clean longer" I'll admit I rolled my eyes. I stand corrected. It actually smells just fine and the only reason I'm washing it is because she threw up on it a little bit this morning from eating too much and running around like a crazy person. The sweater is also ready for a bit of de-pilling. Not bad at all after so much use.