30 days of Miou: day 17

the madmoiselle coat is very quickly becoming my favourite piece of clothing in Maya's wardrobe. I can easily see her wearing it everyday; Fall through Spring and on cool Summer days. She is also wearing hand-me-down denim overalls and shirt. Little miss was not up for having her picture taken and I never force it on her, so I couldn't get a great shot of her wardrobe. If it wasn't for Doug wanting to say hello to Maya on our way home from school, there would have been no picture today. 
 And check out my awesome artsy creations from our Waldorf parent group. I lost the jewellery I made the first week but here's what we made last week and today. The corn husk doll even has a bonnette to go with Maya's. I also went with a loin cloth instead of a skirt haha.