30 days of Miou: day 27

Miou sweater dress & bonnet. Hand-me-down pants, full sleeve tee & shoes. Mama's scarf.
Maya right now loves nothing more than to do everything I do. She helps me unload the grocery cart at check-out, put the groceries away when we get home, she helps me hang our laundry, load/unload the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher, she "helps" put the laundry away and is trying so hard to learn how to fold clothes. She also has her very own baby that is on a set schedule (again somethings don't change). Countless times over the course of our day I hear her little voice calling out to me "mama, mama, mawmaw, mommy, mummyyyy, ohhhh mawwww" because she can not bare the thought of me missing a moment of her existence - I'm even expected to stare at her while she watches cartoons - RIGHT! I'll admit, I have screamed out the words "MAKE IT STOP!!" a few times, but 7 times of out 10 I am happy to oblige. Crazy kid.