day 5 of Miou and her first day at Great River School

Lauren's hand-me-down dress, socks & shoes from mama & a Miou cadi
Today was a beautiful day for us. Maya and I have signed up for a parent & child program at Great River School. This is a Waldorf school which is excellent because we are huge fans of Rudolf Steiner in this house. I looked up Waldorf schools in Ottawa and found this one not 10 minutes from our home. I was beyond excited and knew right away that this would be perfect for us. I was incredibly lucky to have gone to a Montessori school in India and it is the very reason we are seriously considering alternative schooling methods for Maya. When mom and I moved to Canada, I had to do a year of high school. At the time I was heartbroken because I had already graduated school in India and felt like it was such a waste of time. But I am so very grateful now because the year long delay lead me to Carleton U, which lead me to my darling husband and finally, the realisation now as a mother that traditional schooling just won't work for my child. Not my little star child.
Despite attending a school that was completely different from most schools in India and growing up with a mother that gave me so much freedom and fueled my imagination; the fact remains that it was India in the 80's/90's and the underlying mind-st was shut-up and listen. Long before we became parents we knew that we had a great deal of evolving to do and that we wanted to raise our children gently and in the spirit of love and Oneness. I have been cultivating this attitude in myself, failing and succeeding over and over again. I have phases of lucidity where Maya and I have such a beautiful and intuitive dynamic. There is patience, endless exploring and mutual respect. And then I have phases where I am tired, and in a rush and just want her to shut-up and do exactly as I say because I'm in-charge; curiosity be damned. The latter causes a great deal of resistance and anger in both of us. Since we would very much like to home school, I need this parent and child class. To be around like-minded parents, raising gentle little souls. Our first class today was everything I was hoping it would be. The parents were given a crafting project and the kids were free to play or join in. No instructions or rules about staying with the group; just honouring a childs spirit and curiosity. We sang songs about the wind, enjoyed story time, danced like leaves, and thanked the earth, trees and rain for the food we got to eat. Everything, just everything was awe inspiring and loving. Maya is hopeless when it comes to circle time and staying with the group and participating. Not today though. She was so in awe of everything and actually stayed with the group and participated in all the activities. All because she wasnt asked to participate; not once. She was allowed to follow her own curiosity and she responded so beautifully.

I have to finish off this long rambling post with a whole lotta love for my wonderful husband, with whom I share the honour of raising this magical child. He has read more parenting books than I ever have or care to read, he is genuinely interested in getting to know Maya and creating a life that honours her unique spirit. He celebrates her every single day. And is right there with me helping me make decisions that will shape this little girl. Everything feels effortless and so very right with him by my side.