365 days of izo - day 62 - 2 months old

Dearest little Izo,
Our little water baby. 
Our little selkie baby. 
Our little peechoo peechoo (as your sister calls you).
You have spent this past month growing like a weed. You love talking, smiling, and giggling in your sleep. You light up at the slightest bit of attention. Your crazy Rob Schnieder-esque hair brings laughter & awe to anyone who lays sight on you. We're still not sure if your eyes will turn green like your papa's or brown like mine. You love sucking on your fist and seem so incredibly determined to grow up quickly and do more. Your big sister is completely smitten with every little thing you do; especially your not so little poo's. You pretty much burp yourself and sleep 7.5 hours most nights. We can already tell that you're fiercely intelligent. What a beautiful addition you are to this family and you've brought such a burst of positive energy. I still think of your birth and light up inside with joy and pride. You have your mama's heart little one. You have all our hearts'.