365 days of izo - day 79 - friday love

Fridays Maya has art class and drama but we decided to stay home and just be together. The girls and I got baths, I tidied up and spent some much needed one-on-one time with Maya. Perfect little Izo took a 2 hour nap; which was so nice of her to do. I asked Maya what she wanted to do and she of course said "I want to draw and paint". This was all Maya's idea; for me to draw a picture chosen by her and using every colouring medium available to us (crayons, melted crayons, colour pencils, markers and paint). I am also the genius mama who dressed her daughter in a pretty white dress and apron before an art project. She managed to wipe the acrylic paint off her hands on the one tiny spot not covered by her apron. I got mad and yelled. Then felt super shitty for getting mad because it's really my fault for dressing her up in a pretty white dress. Then I said I was sorry and she said "It's ok mama. You may want to wash that dress".