365 days of izo - day 106 - a full heart

This day...my mama heart was full on this day. Maya spent the day at my parents. A place where she gets to be a baby again. A place she enjoys undivided attention and love. There is no adjusting to a baby or playing big sister. So when the time came to leave and come home, she was devastated. She starting crying and kept crying on our drive home. From our parking spot to the house, she SCREAMED. I held her hand, let her cry her heart out and kept reminding her that I loved her and understood why she was so sad. As heartbreaking as it was to see Maya crying, I took comfort in knowing she had a loving and happy place with my parents. All this time Izo was smiling away. And then it was Izo's bedtime and she started to have a fit. The second Izo started crying, Maya stopped. Instantly she transformed to big sister and started singing to Izo and rubbing her head. My eyes welled up. And my heart was full - with pride, love, exhaustion; just everything.