365 days of izo - day 117 - hugs

I seem to be pleasantly surprised by the fact that they really truly love each other. I guess I expected more jealously seeing as Maya has been Queen Bee for the last 4 years. But I'm so happy to see that (so far) there is genuine love growing between these two. The scariest but also funniest thing happened today. Izo was in bed with Maya playing by her feet. Maya grabbed Izo's feet and pulled her closer (insert baby giggles) and then leapt from her feet, over the length of Izo's body and perfectly landed past her head. My heart stopped and started beating again when I heard both of them laughing *hysterically*. I mean, this was truly the happiest sound I have ever heard. I did have a chat with Maya about safe play, so I don't see this happening again. But it was such an awesome moment between these two.