first day of school - drop off & pick-up

We are so excited about this journey. Maya will be attending two days at a Waldorf based school and two days of home schooling. I'll share more about how we're home schooling in the coming weeks. 

She waved us good bye this morning with the biggest smile and has been looking forward to this day all summer. Not going on the school bus was a bit disappointing but all of that went away when she walked into her classroom and met her classmates. It was an incredible feeling dropping her off knowing she was going to have the best day ever. Papa cried because he is just one big teddy bear. For a moment I went back to day 3 of her life when she had jaundice and had to go through 24 hours of photo-therapy and I cried for hours feeling utterly helpless. No tears today. Just a very happy mama heart.
At pick-up, the happiest little girl ran into my arms clearly feeling so proud about this new adventure of hers.