goulbourn museum | home schooling meet-up

 This week we attended a workshop at the Goulbourn Museum. A tiny museum after a slightly ridiculously long drive had me feeling a bit annoyed (the fact that Izo is on a sleep strike didn't help my general disposition). The first portion of the workshop focused on the pioneer settlers in the area. This bit went way over Maya's head was more suitable for older kids - they definitely seemed into it. Sitting quietly while someone has a lot to say is torture for this kid. But things got a whole lot more interesting for her as the workshop continued. The children got to look at and touch various artifacts from everyday life during pioneer times and guess what each item was. They then made a craft and I so wish I knew what it was called. It had a picture on each side and when spun it looked like one image. What's the word for that? Can you tell I'm exhausted? (Update: Thanks to Tracey Donaldson from the Goulbourn Museum the craft we made is called a thaumatrope). Of all the crafts she has ever made this one captured her imagination unlike any other. She kept spinning it around over and over again saying how cool it was.
Then they got to play with all the amazing items at the village store and play dress-up. The staff were fantastic and you could tell they were proud and very excited to share their knowledge. All in all we enjoyed it a great deal. I hope to visit again and ideally after a good nights sleep.