100 moments from 2015

Personally this year was epic. Starting with the fact that our second daughter Izo joined our little tribe. She brought with her healing, happiness, good fortune and a love so strong that it completely transformed our family. All she knows is love. Our magical Maya turned 4 in April, became a big sister and started kindergarten. She is our Goddess. Together these two girls have Frankie and I in absolute awe and wonder. We are moving forward as a family closer than ever. Dreaming all our dreams, feeling brave and determined and so content.

And then there was this season of photography....
I am still pinching myself because I can not believe how much I pushed myself and grew this year as an artist. By far my busiest season yet.
 And now I want more, so much more. I'm ready to dive into 2016 feeling braver than I ever have in my entire life.

For now, here are 100 moments from the 2015 season (with a few personal one's of my beautiful babies).

Our darling Izo on day 4
Maya, just before she turned 4

Thank you to everyone who trusted me to document their joy and love. It is both humbling and so very grand.