school photo's at a waldorf kindergarten

I had the pleasure of doing school photo's for my Maya's kindergarten. 
The whole experience felt incredibly personal and exquisitely beautiful. 

Our family couldn't be happier with our decision to pursue alternative schooling for Maya. It feels like a wonderfully rich experience for all of us, in every way imaginable. Maya is fortunate to spend time at a Waldorf based kindergarten a few days a week. Her mind, body and spirit is growing in a space that is peaceful, mindfully curated and free of an overload of stimulus. We very quickly discovered our Maya needed this tranquility in order for her light to shine through and the growth and joy coming through this girl is proof we've made the right choice. She is also learning her alphabets, writing and numbers through home schooling. And we attend workshops with a varying focus at museums across this city with our home schooling group once every 2 weeks. All in all, she is having a very inspired start to her schooling and we are just so very proud.