her last day of JK

A day full of happy tears, reflecting and rejoicing in the fact that we absolutely made the right decision pursuing alternative schooling for our darling Maya. I found myself so desperately trying to remember every last detail - her cubbie at school, the way she smells, the blonde streaks in her hair, the way she touches her heart before saying "thank you mama". All of it so perfect and fleeting. Maya starts in a new school this Fall and an incredibly beautiful phase in her life draws to an end.
I got to school a bit early to pick her up and was able to snap some beautiful photo's of her and her best friend Daniel. 
Oh Maya Maya if you could just feel what's in mama and papa's heart right now you would never have to suffer a single moment of self-doubt. You are simply *the* most glorious creature to walk this earth and we are so proud of you and all that you are.