chipmunkspotting at beaver trail | ottawa trails

Pardon the shite photo quality. I brought my super old Nikon D50 because I couldn't bring myself to lug around my pro-camera. I really wanted to document this incredibly stunning trail with the hopes that it will inspire you to visit. It's perfect for kids this summer. It's a stroller friendly trail and relatively short (I'd say about 2 k). No dogs allowed. The trail is packed with chipmunks which is pretty much the best thing ever for kids. We also spotted 6 or 7 wild turkeys both times we went. The trail also has the Wild Bird Care Centre (734 Moodie Dr, P8) open from noon-3. So be sure to visit their website for a list of things they need. You'll definitely have a bunch of stuff lying around the house. And bring binoculars! There are two beautiful lookouts. The first lookout is part of the Beaver trail and the second is near the entrance of the Lime Kiln Trail. 

And now for some photo's from this morning of my two favourite kiddos who had the best time exploring. Maya also insists on holding her binoculars the wrong way saying "but it's so pretty when it's super tiny. i don't like it bigger".