collaborating with modern rascals

Over the past few weeks I've been documenting my girls in their beautiful clothes from Modern Rascals. I also made a film of their happy shenanigans.
I've been shopping these beautiful sustainably made Scandinavian brands since Maya was two years old. And each season I'm blow away by the quality and sheer joy exploding out of these clothes. I was beyond thrilled to discover they were being sold out of a lovely mama-owned shop in Toronto called Modern Rascals.
Our family is incredibly fortunate to receive a beautiful selection of hand-me-down clothes for the girls and we rely on local consignment stores for any additional needs. So on the rare occasion that I do decide to buy the girls something new, we're able to afford clothing from small mama-owned shops selling ethical clothing. Running a small business has transformed my life in the most beautiful way possible and as a result, supporting mama owned businesses is something that is very important to me.
Modern Rascals is beautifully curated in the happiest, most durable play clothes that you and your kids will love. And some come in adult sizes! We usually buy a size up so the kids can wear them from 2-3 years before they get handed down. And let me tell you, this shit lasts! We wash in cold water and hang dry and the colours stay vibrant for years.
And now for an explosion of colourful happy babies.