Breanne and Alex

Jennifer wanted pictures of her two kids, Breanne and Alex. Breanne is two and a half and Alex is 8 months old. Jennifer and Jean invited me over to catch a little glimpse of all the fun and magic that happens at their home on a beautiful Sunday morning.

These two are happy little children and very very bright.

Alex and Breanne are already BFF's. Breanne was so tender with Alex, she held him, kissed him, hugged him and ever wrestled him at one point!

Alex, sitting up on his own (ish)!

I am in love with that dollop of drool!!

It was so calming looking into his eyes probably because the soul behind those eyes was calm and tranquil

I present you, Breanne and her bubbles.

It was amazing to watch her enjoy all the bubbles. Look at the wonder and awe in these pictures. It makes me smile.

Alex wasn't the least bit interested in bubbles. His exer-saucer was way cooler than silly bubbles.

Breanne                                                 &                                        Alex

Can you tell where Breanne gets her smile and pizzaaz from??

Alex and his papa

I had so much fun spending time with Alex and Breanne. And I was thoroughly entertained by them the entire time. One fluttered away in the siplicity of bubbles and one was in fit of giggles thanks to an exer-saucer.
Both so curious and happy..

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