I belong to the earth and it's winter

I'm pretty sure this blog would have been titled "Welcome to the winter of my discontent" had I written it winter 2008. But I am happy to report, after 8 years of living in Canada (I was born and raised in hot hot hot India), I am finally in a place where I can appreciate and loose myself in Winter (it is still early, so here's hoping this feeling sticks).

Life and Death.

I found Big Foot!

I absolutely love it when I capture rays of sunlight and beautiful coloured orbs..

Christmast 2009

January 2010 - It's getting colder and my heart remains warm and fuzzy

"All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within."

- Horace Friess

Post Script: So mentally and emotioanlly I've crossed the bridge but physically I am still bloody freezing. I am the proud owner of a Snuggie. Yes, I walk around the house wearing a green snuggie. I should be embaressed but I am not. The perfect present from my Mama.