Baby Nicolas

With Nico and his family. 

This was an absolutely divine session. Back in October when my photography dream was just a few weeks old, Ben and Kimberly invited me over to do a maternity session. Back then, I knew nothing about photography and the manual setting on my camera was the scariest place on earth. And back then Nico was also a dream growing and preparing to join us all and make this world a happier place. 

So here we are a few months later having evolved from caterpillars to butterflies..

 During the maternity session, I caught a glimpse of Ben and Kimberly's bedroom and completely fell in love with it. Their bedroom is home to bright sunlight, crisp white linens and white walls; making it simply breathtaking. So when Kimberly and I talked about doing a session for Nico; right off the bat she said it must be simple, simple, simple. To me simple has always been synonymous with intimate and this is just my style.

Simple was the word of the day and simple it was...




He put the biggest smile on my face (and yours too I bet) and then some..



 If my toes were so cute and soft I would probably nibble on them too.
This is Kimberly's favourite picture and one of mine as well. He looks so radiant and I love those eyes!

I also love his Buddha smile..


Yeah, you're all smiling..





His Buddha belly.


And just like that he was ready for his nap and his big beautiful eyes were full of sleep.

As Nico fell asleep, Nathaniel woke up from his nap only to realize his Aunty Shabana was ready to take pictures.

I know I should have waited but look how cute he looks pouting away. And watch the transformation from pouty to happy, thanks to trucks and tickles from his Mama.

He was finally ready to look at me and it was smiles all the way..

When Kimberly showed Nathaniel this picture, he said "Cuddles". For crying out loud, could this get any cuter?

Of course he woke up from his nap with a smile.

My favourite. I love his eyes..

And I loooove the light!

Papa's favourite, because he looks like the little angel that he is!

Look at him listening so intently.

Nathaniel and Nico were kind enough to give me 5 seconds of cuddles and I was grateful.

There is beauty all around us, when there is love at home.. 

It's always such an honour spending time in people's  homes and seeing how they live, laugh and love..