Jessie-Lynn & Richard - Wedding

February 27th, 2010 -A group of friends and family gathered to celebrate the love of Jessie-Lynn and Richard. They met at work, grew as friends, and grew in Love. Many didn't agree that they should be together. In fact Richard was fired from his job for falling in love with a girl from work. And the funny thing is, they both work for the same company today. So much for trying to keep them apart. Richard and Jessie-Lynn both knew they were destined to be together and as time went on everyone realised this too. 


Nothing like watching destiny unfold.

On a rainy, grey Saturday morning, I walked into a warm home with a group of people, laughing, enjoying some good food, having their hair and make-up done and fluttering around along with those million little butterflies in their tummies. I had butterflies too because this was my first time shooting a wedding.


This was a Canadian winter wedding and Jessie-Lynn wanted a lot of silver, icy blues and pearls.We weren't able to get any great pictures outside as all the white fluffy snow had turned into grey icy wetness thanks to all the rain.



Who doesn't love watching a make-up artist? It is always so mesmerizing to watch them fuse all those colours and textures. 

Jessie-Lynn had her grandmothers pearls and a bouquet of absolutely divine white roses with  a silver blue satin wrap and pearls.


Look at mom so proud..

Pearls for the bridesmaids hand-picked by the bride herself.

The hair and make-up came together so perfectly and I was one happy photographer.






Jessie was very zen like as her mom helped her get dressed. Although those fluttery butterflies got a bit out of hand as the day went on and Jessie was ready to be in Richards arms. I know that once she laid eyes on Richard she was calm again. I think every bride has experienced this.

I love the smile on Nancy's face. You can tell she's been dreaming of this since the day her little girl was born.


Grandma had the honours of getting Haylie, the flower girl dressed. Haylie is Richard's niece and she wasn't too sure of me at first. But not to worry for we were friends by the end of this wedding.

Her eyes are so sweet and innocent.




This is my favourite picture of the bride.  Since Jessie-Lynn had such an old Hollywood look, I had to have a portrait of her that looked like it was taken 60 years ago.


I was now on my way to the Church to meet the groom and his men. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't be too excited about having a photographer hanging around and that the weather was going to stay crappy. But boy was I wrong and I love it when I'm proven wrong.


I had all kinds of fun, creativity and just the right attitude waiting for me.

Richard has spent the past few weeks recovering from surgery. And I know that his friends and family have wrapped him in a blanket of love and comfort. So on his wedding day, Richard was one happy and healthy man feeling loved and lucky to be marrying the woman of his dreams.

We had a couple of Michael Jackson fans that inspired some pretty fun and awesome shots.

Before you know it the boys wanted to do a few Reservoir Dogs style photographs. 
Gentlemen, I hope I did a good job.

So bad ass..


Just about everyone took turns choking up over the course of this ceremony. Myself included.

I love this picture from the ceremony. As Jessie said her vows, Richard took a deep breath letting a few tears roll down his face.

I easily choke up so I really had to keep it together so as to not turn into a blithering idiot. 

Mr. & Mrs. Larabie at last.

How adorable is that smile on Jessie-Lynn's face?

And just before we headed out to party, we had to celebrate Canada's Olympic glory. 

(I'm sort of regretting not watching the Winter Olympics now...)

The reception.

I so love the depth of this picture, photographically and emotionally with three sets of people dancing and smiling.

It was such an honour to be a part of Jessie-Lynn and Richard's wedding day. Surrounded by their loving friends and family I know these two are going to live a long happy inspiring life together. 

Here's wishing The Larabie's a life full of wonder, deep friendship and eternal love.