365 Days of Maya - Day 18 - DON'T PANIC

Sometimes I could really use a book with the words "Don't Panic" inscribed on it in large, friendly letters. In the mean time itty bitty meltdowns shall continue to occur. A combination of sleep deprivation and not having a f*****g clue will make you go crazy. For some reason I got it in my head that Maya had diarrhea and then started worrying that she was getting dehydrated. This wasn't the case of course but I was clearly in need of a meltdown so I created just that. I was searching frantically on the internet to see for signs of diarrhea and dehydration and Maya was asleep blissfully unaware of her crazy mother. I finally sat next to her and started crying lol. And then I realized how insane I was being and said to myself "take a deep breath, get out of your head and see what's in front of you". I saw a beautiful, fat, healthy, sleeping baby and a perfect life. 

I then took a nap which magically cured my insanity.