Wednesday, May 18, 2011

365 Days of Maya - Day 44 - Peace, Love & Aunt Hani

My friend from uni Hani visited us today. She just returned from teaching in Korea and we got to spend a lovely Saturday with her. Hani and I have very similar Karma. We were both raised in Muslim families, grew up praying 5 times a day and truly believing in hell fire. But as time went, we both began questioning EVERYTHING and as a result our consciousness evolved and we chose freedom, love, inner peace, bacon and a tightly rolled joint. I'm so thankful our path's crossed and although I don't get to see her much there is a whoooole lotta love between us.
Here's Maya listening to Aunt Hani's jibber jabber and giving us the peace sign.

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khush said...

shabu this write up jus shows how u hav evovled from the shabana i use to knw back in school.very few ppl have such great inner growth.feels really good to knw and see the new you.