365 Days of Maya - Day 48 - Bubby's touch

We are so lucky to have my parents just a few minutes down the road. Since Maya's arrival the love and joy in our lives has multiplied by infinity and I'm ever grateful that our family is so close. My mother's love and joy on the other hand has multiplied by whatever's more than inifinity. She is Maya's Bubby. Now I need to explain this Bubby business. In Hindi the word for grandma is Nani but my mom is married to my wonderful step-dad who is an atheist and was raised by a Jewish mom and Catholic dad. So through some logic my mom came to the conclusion that she would like to be called Bubby which is Yiddish for grandma. phew.. anyways, since Maya sleeps so much Bubby doesn't get too much time with awake and smiley Maya. So when I called her today on her day off and let her know that Maya was awake and out of this world adorable she pretty much ran here because when I opened the door to let her in she was out of breath lol. Thankfully our little one was awake long enough to make Bubby's heart melt and was ready for her nap. The picture above might as well be from my own childhood. I still remember mama stroking my ear to put me to sleep. A few minutes of Bubby's touch and Maya's eyes rolled into her head and she was out cold.