365 Days of Maya - Day 60 - It takes a village

We finished 6 weeks of care with our midwife and found ourselves a family doctor. I don't like him at all. He is hands down the most boring dull human being I've ever met and he looks 12. He also has a big mole on his face - very distracting and kinda gross. Oh and he has greasy hair with a super nerdy side part. I realise he doesn't need to be fun or look good to be a good doctor but whatever. Anyways, Maya got her first set of vaccines today and I went back and forth between vaccinating & not vaccinating. Finally decided on not giving her any of the new stuff and to stick to the vaccines I got as a child. Not a huge fan of the FDA here nor do I trust their ethics so I decided against the new vaccines. 
I was really nervous and asked my dad to join us just to help me stay calm. He kept me laughing by saying "You know she's going to remember this and hate you for it" lol. Maya screamed when she got the needle and 10 seconds later she got really quiet, then looked at me and smiled. Phew!
It was so great having my dad there with me, being such a great dad and a loving grandpa. Could I have done this on my own? Yes, easy peasy. But having my dad there made this a loving, fun, calm family event and for this I am grateful. It takes a village to raise a child and I am so grateful for my villagers :). Thank you Dad!