365 Days of Maya - Day 62 - 2 months already

My little peechoo - You are 2 months old today and I am in utter disbelief that 2 months have just gone by. But on the other hand, being home with you, nurturing you, loving you and soaking-in every perfect moment has felt like one of those slow, poetic, go-with-the-flow rainy days where I'm perfectly content just lying in bed breathing in knowing I'm alive and breathing out, smiling to my aliveness (I promise I'm not stoned).  You've taught me what it means to be content. You have showed me just how blessed I am. You have humbled me in so many ways. You have helped me let go of anger, judgement and aggression I was holding on to.

At June 1st, 2011 you are right in the middle of a growth spurt. You've spent the past few days staying up all night and sleeping all day. Then you decided it was time to do some growing and I have been nursing you every 2 hours. You're adorably fussy and refuse to sleep unless I hold you. Which is fine by me because I'd rather nourish and hold you than get any house work done. When I'm napping right next to you, you inch your way to me and rub your forehead on my arm to wake me up and let me know you're hungry. The first time you did it I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry from the overload of cuteness my mind had to process. 

Some days you can not stop smiling and some days your eyes are wide open soaking in everything that's happening around you. You had your first giggle yesterday. I was laughing at you smiling at the ceiling which made you smile even more which made me laugh even harder which finally made you giggle. It was so magical to hear you giggle and to see you feed off my happiness. You are such a happy little baby and you really seem to love ceilings in general. As much as I'd like to say you love smiling at me, the truth is you love smiling at ceilings. You silly goose. 

I love nursing you. You always stop half way, look up at me (or maybe the ceiling I'm not sure), smile and continue nursing. If I don't bathe you for 2 days the top of your head smells like a dirty kitchen rag. It's really strange and kind of gross and I have no idea why your head smells like that but it's the truth. So now I make sure you bathe every day. You take a shower with papa every night after his run and you absolutely love it. You look so wide eyed and mystified.

You are punching and kicking up a storm and you love being naked. I made your papa a special dinner tonight and you were by the couch playing naked. I was watching him enjoy his meal and you happily playing, thinking how great life was. In that moment you projectile pooped and you papa ran out of the room gagging. I couldn't stop laughing and you looked really confused.

My sweet little Maya Lila, I love you with all my heart. You are a perfect divine being of love, light and yummy yummy chubs!