Tuesday, July 5, 2011

365 Days of Maya - Day 95 - Outer Space

Maya loves her play mat. I'm so thankful my baby is happy playing on her own and doesn't need my constant attention. It allows me to get things done around the house. Today was my first "normal" day. Woke up around 10 am, fed Maya, gave her a bath, took a nice long shower myself, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, cooked a healthy delicious dinner and got a little nap. 
Maya has also found her thumb! How exciting!! She loves grinding her gums on it.

Now I need some advice from mama's that are reading this. Maya is sleeping anywhere from 7-9 hours a night now but doesn't fall asleep until 1-2 am. So if anyone has any ideas as to how I can get her to fall asleep by 11 pm that would be swell!



thachu said...

Gripe water kodu!

thachu said...

First Maya will close her fist, bring her little fist in front of her face, opens her mouth and then bring her little fist closer and finds her little thumb. Its so nice to watch her do this.

Lekha said...

this to will pass! trust me.. just give it some time n she'l start tiring herself out with all the babbling n playing that she will doze off by normal time when we do!
on another note! i saw this blog only now! after all these months! n its awesome!