365 Days of Maya - Day 96 - Rollin'

Maya rolled over for the first time - tummy to back roll over. I had her on her tummy and wanted to take a cute picture of her big cloth diaper bum and she started leaning over. Frankie and I realised she was going to roll over any second and started cheering her on. For a while she just lay there all twisted like a lazy bum and finally she kicked her leg and flipped over. I can tell you our home was filled with squeals of DELIGHT! And I captured it all on camera. Maya, you are so lucky you have a mama that is capturing these special moments for you. 

Also..we won't be using cloth diapers for the summer. Maya's very hot like her papa and the cloth diaper is giving her a horrendous heat rash. So it's disposables for us until it cools down a bit. If there are any mama's that would like to use our cloth diapers (to see if it's something that might work for you) for a few weeks I'd be happy to lend them to you. I will also do a demo if you like.