365 Days of Maya - Day 126-129

 We drove down to the farm on Thursday night and stayed until Sunday night. 

This was the perfect end to our perfect weekend at the farm. It was pouring rain and we had so much fun running around the front lawn playing and dancing in the rain. Maya absolutely loved it and her cute little bum was so kissable. I love these picture of Maya and Frankie..they make my heart sing.

We spent so much of our time sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs, enjoying the stillness and silence. I loved nursing her outdoors watching the clouds and breathing in the fresh delicious air.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Maya grew up to be a farmer? Here's Opa Frank showing Maya (who is clearly more interested in smiling at Nana) his soy and corn fields. 

We spent Friday with Nana. Drove her to the hairdressers, visited Uncle Richard and Aunt Yettie for tea, did some shopping and cooked a yummy dinner for when papa got home from work. Maya also spent time with Opa snuggling away. Today is the day Maya laughed while all her heart. Nana Ypie's stories and expressions had her in a fit of giggles and Frankie and I were almost in tears from being so happy and proud.

Thank you dear Nana for the most beautiful laugh we've ever heard. We will carry that sound in our hearts forever.

This was such a spontaneous spiritual getaway. I realised this weekend that there was absolutely no end to what I want. I realised how exhausting it was to be in this constant state of wanting. I let go of so much and I continue to let go of so much more. There are moments in life when you can feel an inner transformation happening and you know that it is for the best and will create more magic and peace.