The de Jong family

Levi, Mel and their four boys. I'll admit I was a bit nervous. I've never had to work with 4 kids before and didn't think they would be interested long enough to get decent portraits. So I came up with some ideas to keep them busy while I did my job. Since it was one of those insanely hot summer days I asked Mel to have a jar full of juice, colourful glasses, fun straws and snacks for the boys. I'm so glad Levi and Mel were open to my ideas because I think they made for fantastic photographs and lots of fun. The fact that their home had a swing set and trampoline made it doubly fun!

Hope everyone loves these photo's as much as I vintage looking and warm.

From smallest to biggest we have Jordan, Reuben, Liam and Colin.

How adorable is this family photo? Love the sunlight here <3.....

I always do formal portraits first (as fast as I possibly can) and then move on to something fun and real. Someday these boys are going to look at these photo's and remember a wonderful time in their life. I wanted these images to remind them what the summer of 2011 was like; just before they went back to school and before mom started nursing school. That's right, this mama of 4 is going back to school to follow her dreams.

Mel's very first stethoscope.....rasberry coloured of course!

I so adore these images of the boys. Once again, thank you Levi and Mel for being so open to my ideas. And thanks Ma (my mother-in-law) for letting me use your quilt.

I think the quilt makes for a perfect backdrop and adds to the whole vintage feel.

I love this photo of the four boys with their dog Buddy in the background.

When Mel and I were planning this session she said she would be open to coming to my home studio. But I couldn't imagine having the session anywhere else but at her home. I've seen Mel's home before and it is one of those dream houses that every child on earth should be blessed to grow up in. It was so great photographing these 4 wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Look at Colin with the cocktail umberella. His expression makes me laugh every time I see this picture.

Colin & Reuben were very interested in my camera. I feel like these two enjoyed this whole experience the most.

While the boys were distracted eating cupcakes I was able to sneak away with Levi and Mel and capture some romantic portraits.

This is my favourite photo from our session. We were all done and I was packing my lenses away when I noticed Liam and Reuben were not done having fun with my camera. So I took this little photo. I love how you get to see their own unique approach to eating a cupcake. Reuben started with his icing but Liam just dug right in. Both equally brilliant strategies boys.

The first image was edited for basic fixes (contrast, exposure and blah blah), second is the Eternity finish and third is of course vintage black and white.

I made these tryptichs especially for the boys. I hope you like it fella's!

I can't tell you how eager I've been to share these photo's. I know a lot of people are going to love these because they are photographs of a wonderful family! Recently I made an important decision. When I work with kids I'm going to think of them as my clients even though it's the parents that pay me. I did this session trying to imagine what the boys will like to see when they look at these images decades from now. I think this perspective really worked and the photographs turned out great.