365 Days of Maya - Day 184-200

To my dearest Maya - You turned 6 months on October 1st and what a beautiful month this has been so far. Time spent with so many loved one's, deliciously warm Fall days, long hikes, cute pink skirts, chubby little thighs and spotty leg warmers. Life feels infinitely abundant with you in it. You make mama & papa so proud with all the new & wonderful things you do everyday! Just a few weeks ago I was telling your Papa "Maya can't sit on her own and she is soooo wobbly. I am going to miss wobbly Maya". And just like that you decided you were ready to sit up. I've enjoyed every single expression of glee on your face. Every single face-plant and head bump. You are so funny, so ticklish and so happy. I know that you feel all the love that surrounds you and I know that it is a perfect reflection of the love within you. Mama and Papa are eternally grateful that you chose us to be your parents.

p.s. Happy 200 days!!

Lauren was slightly disappointed at first and wanted to know why "Maya isn't saying anything! Why won't she walk?". She was such a great big sister and wanted to know if Maya was OK every step of the way. "Where is Maya's milk? Don't forget Maya's snacks". Here are some precious little moments between Maya and Lauren. As you can see Maya was so loved and taken very good care of.

There is no heaven or hell, just 9 dimensions of consciousness. 
The 5th dimension is the consciousness of love and creativity.

Our favourite diaper on Maya. They are supposed to be glow-in-the dark skulls. I guess at some point we should test the accuracy of this claim.

Oliver is awesome. Maya is in awe of Olly and Olly loves doing crazy things to impress Maya. I had very little to do with these two keeping each other entertained. We even managed to get 1-2 hour long naps together. 

Look at that face! She spent the previous night crying and screaming (we have teeth coming in). I couldn't put her down for a second without her screaming. She finally calmed down so at the first opportunity I ran away to brush my teeth and put some decent clothes on. After a while I decided to check on her and there she was sitting up all by her self, playing with her toys looking like such a big little girl. 

Mama and Maya were both very proud.

I brought Maya's chair along to my brother-in-laws so she could nap in it. 
Olly had other plans.

Sitting up for the first time!

Our neighbour has an 8 year old daughter who was generous enough to give us her old clothes for Maya. I continue to be in awe and gratitude at how kind and generous people have been. 99.99% of Maya's clothes are hand-me-downs. Seeing that she is already wearing 12 month clothes (yep, you read it correct) I can not tell you how much money this is saving us. She is growing in and out of clothes like it's going out of style! She's wearing shoes that are too big for her but I know in the blink of an eye she will be busy growing out of them..

I've also decided that instead of hand-me-down it should be called hand-me-love. I think it's a much more accurate description.

At Aunty Kiera's surprise 25th party...

Maya, what do you have planned next for us?? I hope you can tell we're having silly amounts of fun with you.