The Post family

We spent last weekend with my husbands brother, wife and daughter. The weather was cold and wet and the company was warm and delightful. Sunday morning the rain finally stopped and we had cloudy skies with strong winds. Not really ideal conditions but we made the best of it. My clients know that I go great lengths planning my sessions, from location to wardrobe to scheduling. This has to be my least planned session ever and I'm so thankful because it taught me not to worry and be more spontaneous.

I really tried to get in front of Lauren but this kid is fast and I'm 25 pounds over weight. I couldn't have been happier when she decided she had enough of her bike LOL. There is no way I would have made it!

How cheeky is this?

Is any one surprised their daughter is so beautiful?

This beautiful trail is right behind Court and Christiane's home. Lauren loves exploring these woods and they spend a great deal of time here as a family. It's always nice taking photo's in a spot that means something to a family. 30 years from now when Court and Christiane look at these photo's they will be that much more special.

I love these photo's of mother and daughter. You can see Lauren almost cracking a smile in the photo above (bottom left).

This girl has the most perfect eye lashes. I couldn't choose between the black & white and vintage version.

The one below is hands down my favourite from our session. There is something so heart-breakingly tender about Lauren's face.

You can not take a bad photo of this girl.

Look at those legs crossed! Lauren's Nana has been trying to convince Christiane to get her into modeling. She is clearly a natural lol..

Lauren, I owe you a hike and next time I promise not to bring my camera so we can explore the woods together.