366 Days of Maya - Day 277

I think we were all grateful for the long weekend and the extra time we got to spend with our loved ones. Life has been busy, with Maya, with my business, with Frankie's work, with three days of Christmas celebrations and one sinus infection. Our little family of three hasn't had too much time together. It's usually a game of "Here you play with Maya while I finish this". I'm sure this poor kid was starting to believe it was impossible for both Frankie and I to be in the same room at once lol. Yesterday we made sure to get some quality time together. Just the three of us on our bed enjoying each other. Maya was soooooooooooo excited, she was pretty much bouncing off the two of us and couldn't believe we were BOTH playing with her.

Here's Maya just about to throw herself at my camera. This kid is always trying to eat my lens.