Friday, January 13, 2012

366 Days of Maya - Day 279

I had my first heart-sinking-blood-from-the-face-draining moment today. Mom, Maya and I drove to Bayshore mall to get some shopping done before our vacation at the end of February. I was pulling into my spot, which was followed by a small patch of grass, side-walk and then road. Just as I was all in I stamped on what I thought were the breaks. Except it was the gas and in the blink of an eye the car was heading for the road (no doubt we would have been t-boned). I was quick to hit the breaks this time and slowly reversed back into my spot. THANK GOD, no one was on the side-walk and THANK GOD we didn't end up on the road. With my big winter boots it was so difficult to tell the different and I could have SWORN my foot was on the breaks. When we got home I got out of the car and just stood outside in the freezing cold and watched her sleep. 
I've never felt more stupid in my life... not a proud day at all....

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