366 Days of Maya - Day 290

Oh perfect day.
Slept in, went for a long walk with my two best friends. Then got to say hello to some family on skype (isn't Skype just GREAT?!). Spent the evening with my other best friend, Leah. Maya got to hang out with her Aunt Leah and Frankie made us the yummiest dinner ever. Haddock wrapped in bacon with green beans and mushrooms. This was his first time cooking (Frankie is a peanut butter sandwich for dinner kinda guy) and I was simply amazed by how perfect everything was. When he told me what he was making I was of course very supportive but I was totally thinking he was being a little too ambitious. Frankie, that dinner was perfect my love! 

p.s. how ridiculously cute is Maya's little mouth right behind that bubble???