366 Days of Maya - Day 291

She crawled for the first time today. She has been mobile for a few weeks but for the first time today, she crawled! Unsurprisingly it was mid-meltdown straight to papa (because Maya has totally figured out that she can get pretty much whatever she wants from Papa). She has us laughing every waking moment. Her personality is expanding everyday, as is her mind and all of this makes for some really really adorably funny situations. Maya loves music and dancing. Any time she hears music she starts smiling and bobbing her head. She falls asleep at 6:30 pm in her room, wakes up at 5 am to nurse and sleeps until 7 am in our family bed. On weekends she sleeps-in until 9 am. Seriously, she actually sleeps-in on weekends.  

Maya, my little squishy you!!! You are so hilarious and we're starting to get a 6-pack from laughing so much lol!