366 Days of Maya - Day 292

Funny how I make myself miserable sometimes. I'll be done mat leave at the end of March and I'm making myself believe that it's already over. "January is almost over, and we're going to Dubai in February and that will go by FAST so that's kind of also over and then March will be so busy it will be over quickly too" I'm just laughing typing these words out but this is exactly what I kept repeating in my head all day. Burst into tears a couple of times too and Maya was soooooo clingy today. I'm sure she sensed something was off. 

The thing that's scaring me the most is that I'm having to choose between going back to a desk job (one that I am very good at), the certainty of it all, the ease with which we can plan our lives, buy our next bigger home and have another baby OR finally getting to be a full-time photographer. Running your own business is just a tad overwhelming sometimes, add a dash of uncertainty and a deep deep desire for wanting this dream to come true; it makes for a very nervous tummy and a noisy mind. 

Baby steps...baby steps. I've already started a marketing campaign and a majority of the campaign will be rolled-out in the coming weeks. This took a great deal of research and I've also learned that some options like using Groupon just won't work for my photography business. So here's to me working really hard to make my dreams come true. Here's to not being afraid and to embracing every wonderful opportunity that comes along. Here's to me KNOWING that this is my destiny and everything will unfold in divine time.

And now for the totally cute diptych of Mooi Maya - this little game of "Where's Maya? There she is!" makes her giggle (deep belly baby giggles with dimples n'all) like you won't believe.

Nearly forgot!! Maya pulled herself up for the first time today. I don't think she meant to because she totally surprised herself but she did it!