Booking weddings for 2012 & Beyond...

As I was saying, my marketing plan for 2012 is underway. I'm so excited for this years wedding season (and I've already got a few booked for next year so yaay!) and excited to start shooting weddings again. I loooooove shooting weddings and the sheer romance of it all. I had to cancel a whole bunch in 2010 and 2011 because our little Maya decided she was ready to join us. Life is full of beautiful little surprises and becoming Maya's mother has made me a much better photographer and artist (and human being!). I've mastered outdoor vintage photography and studied the works of photographers like Jose Villa, Josh Goleman, Beth Armsheimer and many many more and my brain is near explosion with all the amazing things I'm ready to do! So to all the artsy, creative, original, totally brilliant freaks & geeks out there, hurry up and email me :)!

To celebrate this next chapter in my life and yes, to help me fully book the 2012 season, I am offering *20% off all wedding packages (*conditions apply and all that so take a look at the poster above and/or please email me). 

To all the wonderful people who see this, please spam your friends on my behalf lol. Facebook, email, and whatever else you kids are using...

Thanks a million! 

Love & Light,