366 Days of Maya - Day 293

Less than a week ago all her toys fit in that green bucket. I know shame on me. So I went out and bought her some second hand toys and we were lucky to have a friend that let us sort through 2 big boxes of toys and have our pick. Maya absolutely loves her play area. It fills my heart with joy to see my pookie so happy. Her face is totally out of focus here but you can't miss her joy (or those chubby arms)!

Maya had another first today (that's three days in a row)! She finally fed herself. I've always put a small amount of food on her tray so as to encourage her to feed herself. Like most babies Maya puts EVERYTHING in her mouth but unlike most babies she never ever put food in her mouth. It was the strangest thing ever. She would play with food and feel its texture but never, not once did she put it in her mouth; until today. So I speed dialed Frankie to share the good news. It was a 30 second conversation filled with pride and squeals of delight.

Ventured out for a walk today with ice beneath my feet and -22C worth of cold slapping me across the face. Maya, my Canadian baby, absolutely loved it.