366 Days of Maya - Day 294

I'm so glad I've started blogging everyday again. And I can't believe I wasn't doing it everyday the entire time!! This is my me time. God I miss me. Meeee!!! That girl..who loves to wear her hair straight (and takes 30 minutes to do it), loves make-up, loooooves big wild jewellery, loves pencil skirts, loves to read, loves to sleep in, loves meditating, loves to eat knowing there would be little to no consequences to her waste line (NOT ANY MORE!)...that girl! Someday we'll re-unite, you and I and it will be awesome. For now I'm rockin' the mom jeans and $6 Joe Fresh t-shirt. 
Here's Maya enjoying a book with my mom. I just sat there watching her big belly rise and fall with every breath and jiggle wildly as she laughed with her Bubby.