366 Days of Maya - Day 305

Today we had our first interview with a daycare provider. She came highly recommended by the agency, won some sort of award for being the best (or something), does yoga with the kids and all sorts of amazing things. I hoped for Maya to be in daycare one day a week and to spend one day with my mom. So that would give me 2 weekdays and the weekend to work. I was beyond excited to meet this amazing daycare provider. 

Uhhhhh..I set foot into her house and I knew it was over. Her house smelled like BO. I honestly felt like someone grabbed me by the neck and shoved my head into her smelly pitts. Sorry but I need you to feel the full effect and the sheer density on this odour. What sort of parent is OK with their child breathing in this stale smelly air?? Added to that her husband worked from home and helped out with the kids. Decisions like these I make based on instinct. My instinct never ever fails me and her husband totally gave me the creeps. I'm so trusting of people and I always give people the benefit of the doubt but this dude just creeped me out! The daycare provided didn't even interact with Maya. Nothing at all. You would think the first thing she'd do is demonstrate that Maya is at ease with her. Put my mind to rest or at least seem interested in the child and ask me questions. NOTHING. The whole interview felt so bizarre. Have any of you mommy's had a similar experience? Where the whole thing just felt wrong and you couldn't imagine how ANYONE would leave their child at a place like this?!?! 

My parents were also there and the big joke was that my dad didn't smell the BO. My mom and I were shocked because we were actually feeling sick from it. It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where the BO lingered on and destroyed everyone's lives. I can honestly still smell it and so can my mom! 

Anyways, big bust and I'm glad it's over. Then next it was a quick lunch and we headed to the doctors office. Maya has a lump in her left breast. This is likely estrogen from me passed on to her and it's totally common/normal but just to be 100% she is having an ultra-sound. I'm in a half-worried-half-I-know-she's-totally-OK state.

All of this lead to a very long talk with my parents and we decided that Maya would spend 2 days a week with my mom. She is off Wednesday/Thursday so it works out perfectly. The big "issue" is that I'm painfully organized. I love getting things done ahead of time, I looooooove planning, I love checking-off to-do lists. My mom on the other hand is the queen of improv. She doesn't plan to death and she has fun and she get's it all done and then some more and it drives me insane. So with her improv and my planning and my dads moderating we came up with a solution (and dealt with some karma while we were at it).

So this was my day. High's, lows and some tears. 

Maya had a GREAT day. I always look to her for reassurance that everything is just fine and dandy and I'm the one that's creating all the drama. She had a blast playing with my parents all day, enjoyed all the sweet old grandma's at the doctors office, her papa gave her an extra long bath and we read 2 of her favourite books (instead of the usual 1) at bedtime. The diptych above is Maya just before her bath time. She loves being naked and she knows it's bath time. This is our families favourite time of day. Naked Maya is crazy!

End of the day Shabana with all the perspective, where on earth are you during the day? I could like....really use you.