366 Days of Maya - Day 306

Maya is discovering gravity. Everyday at dinnertime we place a toy on her tray and in less than 1/100000th's of a second, she swats it right off. The farther it goes the happier she is and she loves watching her toys hit the ground. 

Oh Maya Maya Maya, you refuse to eat unless we do this over and over again. This is what dinner time looks like - place toy on tray, swat, feed baby, place next toy on tray, swat, feed baby, pick up toys and repeat. We are not complaining. Playing this little game with you is so much fun for us and it's great exercise.

You also know how to hold your bottle while sitting up and you know to put the nipple in your mouth but you now need to figure out that in order to drink the water you'll need to tilt the bottle up. Sometimes the best thing I can do for you is to let you discover this on your own. 
You'll figure it out. You're kind of a genius :). In the mean time, I hope you're having fun discovering gravity.

Some day I'll buy you this t-shirt.