366 Days of Maya - Day 307

You are hilarious with your serious "I'm helping Mama and doing grown up things" face. God I love you Maya! Here you are, 10 months new today, so eager to be old. 

A few days ago I actually found myself feeling so annoyed that you woke up from your nap. For some reason I kept thinking I couldn't get anything done with you awake. So today I was determined to find a balance. I stopped being in such a hurry to get things done and decided to make you part of my chores. Here you are, standing so tall, holding yourself up with one arm and passing me all the forks and spoons with the other. You actually pulled out each individual utensil and handed it to me. It took a good 10 minutes but you did it and we had so much fun together!! When you were done, you slowly sat down and crawled away to play with your toys. Oh but first you broke my favourite glass bowl and leaped forward almost landing on the broken pieces of glass.
Overall, you did good kid!

In other news, I had one last interview with a daycare provider and we LOVED her. She's the one! So Maya will be with her 1 day a week and 1 day with my mom. I'm so happy for Maya to start this new adventure!!