366 Days of Maya - Day 308

Last night was the first time I slept straight through the night since having Maya. 
Maya has been sleeping for 12 hours straight for a long time now but my brain is still adjusting.
I have been on a re-organizing spree around here. So much to do, so little free time so every chance I get, I climb one tiny mountain. Today I reclaimed our bedroom. All baby stuff was removed, I added 10 bins under our bed and re-organized a small part of our walk-in. Changed the sheets, removed our nerdy Chaos & Order poster and brought in the Batik painting that was in Maya's room. I love the navy blue and red theme. I just need to paint the beige walls a nice shade of gray, make giant prints of some photo's I love and maybe even add a wall of photo's and maybe a lantern cluster above our bed (we currently have a hook teaming with infinite potential).   I am sooooo antsy to renovate but I have to be patient. The bathroom needs to be renovated before anything else. Needless to say, I am dreaming away on Pinterest.

It feels so good to be in here right now. It feels like mine ours again.

No baby stuff. Just cute baby.