366 Days of Maya - Day 321

Started our day running some errands and trying to get Frankie's glasses fixed. Grumpy old Indian dude at Laurier Optics didn't try to hide the fact that he really didn't give a crap we were "going on vacation and would like it fixed before we left". One of my many many pet peeves is people not committing to stuff. Words like try, should, maybe etc in sentences make me crazy!! lol 

By noon I crashed. Last few days I've been feeling so sleepy and soooo hungry. I'm eating all the time and I've actually been getting a great nights sleep but it's just not enough. No I'm not pregnant. I napped at my parents for 3 hours and had my mama's world famous Biryani and raita for dinner. Anyone who has had her Biryani will attest to the fact that there isn't and there simply couldn't be a tastier Biryani on earth. I am so not exaggerating, this is a very simple fact as far as I am concerned.

I look forward to the day we're making enough money to be able to comfortably take care of our parents. Both sets of them are the hardest working people I know and they give us so much to be thankful for. Thanks Mama and Dad for spending the day with Maya so I could enjoy a great nap.