366 Days of Maya - Day 322

Would you believe me if I said I spent most of today ANNOYED and FED-UP?!? 
Our mornings are always great and by 11:30 she is down for her nap. Except lately she's up in an hour and stays up until bedtime. So by 4 pm she gets soooooooooooooooooo whiny. I find it difficult not letting her mood get to me. Frankie accidentally took the car keys which meant I was stuck at home when I had errands to run. We went for a long walk and then went on another long walk but it wasn't enough. The 12:30-6:30pm window is pretty big and by 4 pm I was fed-up. The fact that she had 5 poopy diapers only added to my stinky mood.

Thank God for tickles and baby laughs....