366 Days of Maya - Day 350

I'm so grateful to be home with Maya and sometimes I feel guilty for being the one that gets to spend the most time with her. I know my husband loves her just as much as I do and he adores every little thing she does. On weekends, Maya and Frankie are inseparable. And when he comes home at the end of the day she crawls towards him so fast, it looks like someone hit the fast forward button. I make sure to call him 2-3 times over the course of our day to keep him updated on our shenanigans. If Maya is ever having a meltdown, she stops right away as soon as she hears his voice. He tells her how his day is going and she laughs or babbles in return. I sit there smiling, so happy for them and their strong loving bond. And I feel happy for me because a girl couldn't ask for a more perfect man to share her life with.