366 Days of Maya - Day 352

As I was saying, Maya and Frankie are inseparable on the weekends. She somehow always knows it's the weekend and is usually up at a ridiculous hour. This Saturday, it was 4 am. Frankie was so happy when he heard her on the monitor, despite the un-Godly hour. He missed bedtime the previous night so he jumped out of bed, got her and let me sleep for another 4.5 hours. Maya doesn't nap for more than 30 minutes on weekends because she'd rather power through and get all the time she can with him. By 4 pm, I found the poor bastard like this. 

One time, when we were first dating, he drank 2 liters of wine and passed-out on a roll of toilet paper. Fast forward 8 years and he's passed-out on account of a very active baby. Baaahahahaaa! Happy St. Patrick's day papa bear.!