I'd like to say that this year I'll do a better job at blogging and sharing all the beautiful experiences that inspire our little family but the fact remains that I am not a blogger, I just have a blog.
So I'll share what I can when I feel like it.

Over the past month, Maya has been expressing herself with a great deal of screaming, whining and tears. And it didn't take me too too long to mirror her emotional state, so let's just say things have been "interesting" around here. My husband picked up this fantastic book from the library; Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry Lee MacLean. Maya is too young to really understand it but seeing as I was displaying the emotional maturity of a toddler, I found it very helpful myself. This is absolutely a book we will be introducing to Maya when she is a bit older and ready to meditate. If you are thinking about teaching your kids to meditate this is a fantastic book to get things started.